Peru President: "Visiting regions doesn't make us tired, but revitalizes us"

Foto: ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

17:05 | Pucallpa (Ucayali region), May. 4.

Traveling to the country's regions does not tire the Executive Branch, but reinvigorates its efforts as the administration's priority is to address Peruvian citizens' problems, President Martin Vizcarra stated Friday.

"Instead of making us tired, visiting Peruvian regions revitalizes us. It gives us more strength to address their problems," the statesman expressed at the Muni-Executive Power meeting, held in rainforest Pucallpa City.

Within this framework, President Vizcarra announced he will be visiting one region of the country every week "non-stop," until covering the entire national territory.

According to the Peruvian leader, the objective is to make constant visits to the interior of the Inca country with the purpose of tracking local and regional development projects.

Besides, he remarked the joint work with subnational governments is key to making progress efficiently.

The Muni-Executive Power meeting saw the presence of Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva, as well as Ministers Gustavo Mostajo (Agriculture and Irrigation), David Tuesta (Economy and Finance), and Daniel Alfaro (Education).

Ministers Silvia Pessah (Health), Edmer Trujillo (Transport and Communication), and Javier Pique (Housing, Construction, and Sanitation) also attended said event.


Published: 5/4/2018
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