Peru President to propose bicameral system

10:49 | Lima, Apr. 23.

President Martin Vizcarra announced he will submit a political reform to Congress, which considers changes in the preferential vote system and the current proportional representation method, as well as the return to a bicameral legislature.

According to the Head of State, these changes are necessary to allow the Inca country to rely on good governability.

"It's necessary to discuss the suitability of the preferential vote, the proportional representation method, as well as bicameralism," the statesman told CNN en Español.

"The time has come to present a proposal to the Legislative Branch for this to be assessed," he added.

Mr. Vizcarra also remarked he will propose said reform since it is necessary to take into account —and debate— the way in which lawmakers are elected. 

"There are coherent approaches that Congress has not taken up. We're going to take that reform, and through an initiative, we will submit it to Parliament so that this change can happen (…)," the top official said.

Likewise, President Vizcarra stated he will continue to rely on Peruanos por el Kambio party's Government Plan, although with some amendments.

"The idea is how we enhance the country's economy and generate an improvement in the standard of living; that is, with growth but transforming it into development for the country," he concluded.


Published: 4/23/2018
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