Peru President: Shining Path leaders sentence on Tarata case brings justice to victims

10:35 | Lima, Sep. 12.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra affirmed the life sentence recently imposed on Shining Path terrorist group leaders provides justice to the Tarata Street bombing's victims and their relatives.

The attack took place in Lima's residential Miraflores district back in 1992. It claimed the lives of 25 people.

Via Twitter, the statesman said the country's enemies must remain in jail.

"And that State as a whole must fight them with the mechanisms provided by law," he pointed out.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Judicial Branch gave a life sentence to Abimael Guzman, Elena Yparraguire, Osman Morote, Oscar Alberto Ramirez Durand, and other six members of the Shining Path Central Committee.

The abovementioned terrorists were identified as the perpetrators-by-means.

After the verdict was read, Osman Morote Barrionuevo and Margot Liendo Gil were held in custody to serve life imprisonment.

They had been under house arrest after serving a 25-year prison sentence for the crime of terrorism.

This sentence for command responsibility comes after 26 years of the Tarata Street bombing that claimed the lives of 25 people and left more than 150 wounded in Peru. The perpetrators had been previously sentenced. 


Published: 9/12/2018