Peru President reiterates decision to scrap Maduro's summit invitation

11:37 | Lima, Feb. 14.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski reaffirmed his Government's decision to withdraw Venezuelan leader's invitation to the Summit of the Americas in Lima over his country's plan to hold early presidential elections.

Remarks were made via Twitter following Lima Group's joint declaration, which backed the Peruvian Government's decision to reconsider Maduro's participation in said event.

On Tuesday night, Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Cayetana Aljovin stated that President Nicolas Maduro would no longer be welcome at the Summit of the Americas after Venezuela's decision to move up presidential elections to April 22.

Just as Foreign Affairs Minister Cayetana Aljovin said on Tuesday, President Kuczynski also stressed the decision is largely supported by the Lima Group, based on the Declaration of Quebec City (2001).

"This document states that any alteration or unconstitutional rupture of the democratic order in a State is an insurmountable obstacle for its participation in the Summit of the Americas process," the post reads.

Likewise, the Head of State pointed out the upcoming Summit of the Americas —to be held on April 13 and 14 in Lima— will be a success.

"This 8th Summit will be a success with the presence and support of other presidents of the Americas," the statesman added.


Published: 2/14/2018
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