Peru President hopes Toledo extradition gets resolved soon

11:57 | Lima, Jul. 17.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra said he hopes the extradition of ex-President Alejandro Toledo —who is under investigation in the Odebrecht case— can be resolved in the shortest time possible.

As is known, former Peruvian President Toledo (2001-2006) was arrested in the United States by an extradition order against him, within the framework of the investigations over alleged corruption offenses in the awarding of the South Interoceanic Highway Project to Brazilian company Odebrecht.

"Everyone, especially authorities, has to face justice. Each person must be held responsible for their actions and have the courage to face justice here in the country," the Head of State expressed. 

Likewise, the top official indicated Peru is a democratic country where the rule of law and separation of powers are in force.  

In this sense, he stressed the Judiciary and Public Ministry are autonomous and independent institutions that take actions according to their responsibilities and constitutional powers. 

Furthermore, the statesman pointed out the fight against corruption is more current in Peru and constitutes one of the biggest challenges his administration faces. 

President Vizcarra went on to add that a year ago —when he decided to confront this scourge— he knew it would not be easy, as it is a "major, complex, and long-term challenge."

Remarks were made during the inauguration of the forum "Fight against corruption and governance towards the Bicentennial," organized by the Lima Bar Association. 


Published: 7/17/2019
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