Peru President highlights teachers' role in shaping good citizens

16:50 | Lima, Jul. 5.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Friday highlighted the work done by teachers for the benefit of children, as they not only provide knowledge but also shape students to become good citizens.

"Educators' work is important, as it teaches values, so they (students) can become honest citizens in the future, who reject violence and strengthen democracy (…)," the Head of State expressed.

In this sense, the top official pointed out there are nearly 370,000 educators across the Inca country —who carry out this selfless work— and thanked them for their dedication. 

According to him, once children receive the adequate knowledge, they are given values so they can be good people. 

Likewise, the statesman reaffirmed his commitment to teachers is evident.

On the occasion, he was joined by Education Minister Flor Pablo and First Lady Maribel Diaz, who is an educator.


Published: 7/5/2019
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