Peru: President Boluarte announces humanitarian aid convoy for Puno

Photo:ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru.

Photo:ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru.

18:02 | Lima, Mar. 3.

The President of the Republic Dina Boluarte on Friday announced the delivery of a convoy with humanitarian aid destined for Peru's southeastern Puno region, transporting goods and services to allow the continuity of public and productive activities in said area.

Mrs. Boluarte led a press conference at the Government Palace. 

At this event, the Head of State indicated that, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent events, many low-income families continue to lack basic goods "because the services had not arrived adequately for weeks."

"My Government has decided to attend to the most urgent needs first. Next week, a humanitarian convoy will depart, transporting goods and services for the continuity of public services and productive activities," she expressed.

The top official indicated that her administration will provide a special structure for storing potable water, plus 94 tons of educational material, laboratories, and sports equipment for the successful start of the 2023 school year.

"Puno's authorities, teachers, parents, you are the guarantors that March 13 begins peacefully with the rejoicing and happiness of children, so that they can return to school after vacations," she said.

In this sense, the President explained that this convoy will be for the sake of lives, health, education, productivity and hope, proving that the Peruvian State is present in an articulated manner and "with a decentralized approach to meet the most urgent needs."

Other actions

President Boluarte announced that more than 800 irrigation channel maintenance activities will be carried out from March, with the aim of improving agriculture in Puno, benefiting more than 60,000 families dedicated to agriculture.

Besides, S/21 million (about US$5.57 million) will be invested to attend to and improve water ponds for planting and harvesting said liquid.

The Head of State specified that the maintenance of health centers, educational centers, streams, tourist circuits, and soup kitchens will be carried out. She added that the Fertiabono (fertilizer grant) worth S/475 (about US$125) will be delivered to each farmer. 

Within this framework, the dignitary mentioned the Bono Pescador (Fisherman's Grant) with an investment of S/380 (about US$100) that will be delivered between March and April to each of 800 fishermen.

The top official announced that a subsidy will be awarded through Turismo Emprende to 100 micro- and small-enterprises thanks to an investment of S/9 million (about US$2.38 million) so as to reactivate the economy.

Similarly, S/220 million (about US$52.92 million) will be invested for the implementation of 8,015 casitas calientes (warm houses) before the arrival of frost, plus the delivery of 45,000 shelter kits.

President Boluarte added that a health care campaign will be held in Ilave, Azangaro, Puno, and in other places, to immunize citizens against influenza, screen for cancer, and care for people exposed to heavy metals.

Moreover, the Head of State announced that 82 Cuna Mas centers will be reactivated this month and that S/14 million (about US$3.7 million) will be allocated to finance activities under the Haku Wiñay program in order to provide opportunities to new entrepreneurs.

"All these measures will have an impact on our brothers and sisters. All this support provided to Puno will generate 50,000 jobs, and thousands of households will benefit from it," she concluded.


Published: 3/3/2023