Peru President attends CITE inauguration

14:00 | Oxapampa (Pasco region), Aug. 23.

President Martin Vizcarra on Friday attended the inauguration ceremony of the Productive Innovation and Agroindustrial Technological Transfer Center (CITE) in Oxapampa.

"For that reason, we undertake efforts to expand its consumption in foreign markets, but especially, in Peru (…)," the top official expressed. 

In this sense, he affirmed the State offers the necessary tools to small- and medium-sized enterprises in order to elevate the production of native goods, thus boosting economic growth and competitiveness in the Inca country

Furthermore, the statesman pointed out SMEs account for 95% of companies in Peru and offer jobs to over 8 million citizens. 

"That's why we put this CITE at your service, which will help you boost production. We work for medium- and small-sized enterprises, providing training and the necessary tools for their development," he added. 


Published: 8/23/2019
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