Peru PM: 'Flood-hit areas are rebuilt with the cooperation of the people'

Presidenta del Consejo de Ministros, Mercedes Aráoz en la región La Libertad Foto: PCM

Presidenta del Consejo de Ministros, Mercedes Aráoz en la región La Libertad Foto: PCM

17:06 | Trujillo (La Libertad region), Feb. 16.

The reconstruction of areas battered by Coastal El Niño disasters is underway and the Peruvian Government is working together with citizens and their authorities, Prime Minister Mercedes Araoz affirmed Friday in northern La Libertad region.

La Libertad was one of the most affected cities after the rains and floods caused by Coastal El Niño phenomenon last year.

Said weather event was characterized by heavy rains, landslides, and floods, which destroyed infrastructure and crops, leaving many citizens homeless.

"We have enhanced the sewerage and all the services to take the waste to a treatment plant six kilometers from here, thus preventing pollution. This whole area was flooded with waste when the streams overflowed, but that will never happen again," Araoz assured at the site.

"The reconstruction with changes is underway, and we will not stop. This is an endeavor we cannot undertake on our own. We do it together with you, with the people, in order to find different and permanent solutions," she pointed out. 

Delivery of homes

Prime Minister Araoz then proceeded to human settlement Tupac Amaru for the delivery of 147 permanent houses to flooded out families. 

"We will continue [working] non-stop, and we will guarantee the well-being of each and every citizen with a dignified home, water, sanitation and title deeds. […] And we will see the results this year and the next, because we will achieve a true reconstruction with changes," she told locals.

Finally, the Prime Minister underlined the Kuczynski administration keeps working for the benefit of the population along with local and regional authorities "since that is our duty, and we do not waste time with arguments."


Published: 2/16/2018