Peru: PM calls for respecting popular will

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers

19:07 | Lima, Jun. 9.

Peruvian Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez on Wednesday called on citizens to respect the popular will and recognized the work of electoral bodies that organized the presidential runoff election held nationwide on June 6.

During a press conference from the Government Palace in Lima, the Cabinet chief stressed that an electoral contest cannot make Peruvians confront one another, especially when there is a health emergency due to COVID-19.

"(This is) A call on citizens to respect the popular will, witnessed in the results of the electoral contest. We want to request, in a special way, the candidates, whose results are close to being known, to guide their followers to respect the channels and democratic ways," she expressed.

In this regard, the government's spokeswoman pointed out that now —more than ever— peace of mind is needed.

In this sense, the Cabinet chief expressed the recognition of the Executive Branch to the electoral bodies for their work in this process and to law enforcement, which guaranteed the safety of elections at all times, as well as to "the international electoral observation missions, especially the Organization of the American States."

Bermudez also stressed that said organization congratulated the Peruvian people for going to the polls and recognized the electoral authorities for organizing a process complying with high international standards in the midst of a complex context such as the COVID-19 pandemic.


Published: 6/9/2021
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