Peru: Northern region activates contingency plan due to massive Venezuelan migrants

13:30 | Tumbes (Tumbes region), Jun. 14.

The number of Venezuelan citizens trying to enter Peru has increased considerably, as —in less than 24 hours— they will be required passports and humanitarian visas to be allowed into Peruvian territory as immigrants.

Long lines of Venezuelans can be seen at the Binational Border Attention Center (Cebaf) in northern Tumbes region intending to enter the Inca country, as the regulation will go into effect at midnight

So far, each Venezuelan has been asked for a basic document, such as an ID or Andean Card to allow the entry into Peru.

For that reason, Tumbes region authorities have activated a contingency plan, since they forecast the number of migrants will surpass 7,000 today. 

Contingency Plan

According to Tumbes' Customs Manager Luis Figueroa, four registration windows have been implemented at the checkpoint, as well as internal and external surveillance. 

Likewise, Migrations Supervisor Tomas Arizola affirmed special modules intended for the vulnerable population —including children, pregnant women, elders, and terminally-ill people— have been installed. 

On the other hand, the Public Ministry —through the Crime Prevention Prosecutor's Office— made an unannounced visit to Cebaf with the purpose of urging the employees in charge to comply with the regulation established by the Peruvian Government, within the framework of the 2019 Safe Migration Plan

It should be noted up to 14 non-governmental organizations have installed tents outside Cebaf in order to provide orientation and humanitarian aid to Venezuelan migrants

Furthermore, the Inca nation's Health Ministry has set up a module to vaccinate the Bolivarian country's citizens and give them information. 

Finally, foreign media outlets reported the Ecuadorian Government has prepared a humanitarian corridor. In this sense, buses take Venezuelans from Rumichaca (border with Colombia) to Huaquillas (border with Peru). 


Published: 6/14/2019
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