Peru: Music to delight Mistura 2015 attendees

Celebran “Día de la Cultura Afroperuana” en Lima. Difusión

Celebran “Día de la Cultura Afroperuana” en Lima. Difusión

15:16 | Lima, Sep. 02.

Attendees to Peru’s top Mistura 2015 gastronomic fair will listen to Afro-Peruvian, Andean, cumbia, chicha rhythms among other genres while enjoying the best dishes available in Lima.

The event will be held along the Magdalena del Mar district's Costa Verde strip on September 4th - 13th.

On the first day, the stage will be set for Peruvian band Chapulin el Dulce y los Shapis, which performs a mix of Cumbia and Andean rhythms. The said band was founded during the 1970s.

On September 5th, Afroperu percussion group will bring joy into the compound.

On September 6th, diners will have the opportunity to listen to the Andean music played by Encantos Andinos. Likewise, Colectivo Circo Band and the National Children's Choir will showcase their art on stage.

On Monday 7th, Afroperu will perform one more time. Jean Pierre Magnet and the National Folklore Cast show will surge on Tuesday 8th.

Rock, thanks to Mar de Copas, is going to become the night's main attraction on Wednesday 9th.

On Thursday 10th, the Peruvian Freddy Guzman will perform his huayno-jazz fusion by introducing his "Waijazz" project. Later that night, Cosa Nuestra -Peruvian Creole music group and winner of the "Silver Seagull" at Chile's Viña del Mar International Song Festival- will showcase the rhythm at the Apega's amphitheater.

On Friday 11th, La Nueva Invasion along with Colectivo Circo Band will play rock, chicha and Amazonian cumbia melodies.

On Saturday 12th, music will be still present in the event led by Encantos Andinos and Peruvian singer William Luna. 

The closing ceremony will in charge of famous national group Bareto. It will delight attendees with popular songs. 


Published: 9/2/2015
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