Peru: Lima hosts last debate ahead of parliamentary elections

10:18 | Lima, Jan. 20.

The third and last debate of candidates running for Congress in Lima Metropolitan area took place in the Peruvian capital on Sunday night.

This last exchange of ideas brought together representatives from seven political parties: Alianza para el Progreso, Union por el Peru, Renacimiento Unido Nacional, Partido Democratico Somos Peru, Peru Nacion, Partido Aprista Peruano, and Solidaridad Nacional.

Held at the Lima Convention Center situated in the capital city's San Borja district, the event put an end to the round of debates organized by the National Election Board (JNE), which featured representatives from 21 political organizations in total.

It must be noted that 14 political groups attended previous discussions on January 12 and 16.

As on the first and second debates, the participants presented their proposals and contrasted them during three segments: "Political and Electoral Reforms by 2021," "Strengthening of the Judicial System and Fight against Corruption by 2021," as well as "Closing of Gaps by 2021." 

In addition, nine citizens —who reside in the capital city— asked questions to the candidates. This mechanism was also seen on previous occasions.

The elected parliamentarians will complete the 2016-2021 legislative period.


Published: 1/20/2020