Peru Judiciary guarantees sanctions for Odebrecht case "fat cats"



10:57 | Lima, Jan. 20.

Peruvian justice will impose corresponding sanctions on all individuals, who turn out to be guilty of corruption charges in Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht and Lava Jato (‘Car Wash’) cases regardless of their power, Judicial Branch Chairman Duberli Rodriguez affirmed.

"No matter how powerful, those found guilty will be subject to corresponding sentences. Judges will not hesitate or be afraid, since they will also be judged by history," he assured. 

In this sense, the Judiciary head ruled out the possibility of liable "fat cats" eventually walking free.  

"That will no longer happen in Peru, as we have proved over the past decade. Neither the Public Ministry nor the Judicial Branch will falter in facing this challenge," he told local San Borja radio.

However, this is not to say ‘lynching’ —of any sort— will be allowed, and all defendants will receive fair proceedings, Rodriguez ensured.

The official also called on citizens to trust the said institutions, which are fulfilling their corresponding duties. 

On the other hand, Rodriguez referred to the appointment of judges to the said cases, who will be proposed by the Public Officials Corruption Crimes Specialized System and later endorsed by the Judiciary's Executive Council.   

Lastly, the Judicial Chairman called upon judges to remain strong and not give in to political or media pressure. 

"Judges who cannot cope with the pressure should step aside because they would be submitting themselves to situations outside the process," he warned.


Published: 1/20/2017