Peru: Investment in public health amounted US$1.73 billion in recent years

LIMA,PERÚ-JULIO 16.Ministro de Salud Anibal Velasquez, suscribe convenio de relación extrategica con el Reino Unido.Foto:ANDINA/Héctor Vinces.

15:15 | Lima, Aug. 04.

In recent years, S/.5.50 billion (about US$1.73 billion) have been invested in public health, Peru’s Health Minister Anibal Velasquez affirmed.

From July 2011 to date -during the administration led by President Ollanta Humala- the government has been working on building 130 hospitals. Some of those projects were initiated in the previous presidential term, whereas the remaining in the current one, the Minister said.

“We must to take into account that building a hospital takes between three and five years. Efforts carried out to inaugurate a hospital or to start the construction phase are positive,” the Minister told RPP radio and TV station.

Since the current Head of State took office, 170 medium-sized hospitals have indeed been built in the provinces, which “didn’t exist before.”


Published: 8/4/2015