Peru: Heavy floods, landslides affect thousands of citizens

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09:00 | Lima, Feb. 5.

Floods and landslides caused by torrential downpours overflowing rivers throughout Peru have left 72,000 affected people and 15,910 damaged homes, the Defense Ministry revealed.

Likewise, 6,003 have been flooded out of their homes, Defense Minister Jorge Nieto informed on Saturday from Lima's Eastern Chaclacayo district, where he oversaw Armed Forces' relief efforts.

Regrettably, the weather has also injured 37 people and claimed 23 lives, he added.

"We have deployed National Civil Defense Institute [Indeci]'s tents […] to provide shelter for affected families until we begin reconstruction works," he said.

As for public infrastructure, floods and landslides have destroyed 46 km of highways and damaged other 375 km. In addition, 14 bridges were pulled down and 32 were damaged. 

Government response

Defense Ministry's emergency response includes the deployment of 3,000 Armed Forces officers across areas affected by the high water levels.

Military personnel continues to work on road clearing, mud removal, humanitarian aid distribution, among other tasks. 

Ministries of Housing, Construction and Sanitation; Transport and Communications; Health; Education; Women and Vulnerable Populations; among others, have also joined relief efforts. 

In this sense, the government official underlined the State's articulated works to respond to these emergencies, despite their large magnitude.

"We have delivered 32 tons of humanitarian aid so far, including warm clothes, household goods, tools, among others, to affected regions," he stressed. 

The Defense Ministry has also deployed 632 heavy machines such as tractors, trucks and front loaders for clearing works.


Published: 2/5/2017