Peru Gov't maintains firm stance on poverty eradication

15:40 | Lima, Feb. 5.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski reaffirmed his Government's commitment to eradicating misery and poverty across Peru despite difficulties facing his administration.

He explained such goal will crystallize through social revolution, which "is not the result of pickets and rifles but work." 

"We stand firm on the Government's quest to eradicate misery and poverty across Peru," the statesman expressed.

According to President Kuczynski, his administration has inherited an increasingly heavier bureaucratization, which the country seeks to reverse as it halts international cooperation.

In this sense, he pointed out Peru stands firm as a democratic nation, thus enjoying good diplomatic relations with all countries.

"We don't want to impose our views, we want this area to thrive and to open up to the world […]," he added.

Furthermore, Mr. Kuczynski said Peru seeks to consolidate its position as one of "the world's lungs" thanks to its clear environment policy.

Also, he stressed the need to continue the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking, which is a global concern.

Statements were made during the annual diplomatic corps greeting ceremony held at Lima's Government Palace.


Published: 2/5/2018
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