Peru former football chief might go to jail

Manuel Burga. Foto: AFP

Manuel Burga. Foto: AFP

18:31 | Brooklyn (US), Dec. 28.

Former Football Federation President Manuel Burga might sit in jail awaiting his court hearing on the FIFA bribery case, due to a problem when failing to meet the Brooklyn Court's bail condition to stay home until his next court appearance.

His current lawyer submitted a letter to the court seeking extension of the bail period (up to January 8) to legalize the properties offered as bail in court.

If judges do not accept such extension, Burga might go to jail.

The attorney assured the delay was due to health issues, since he underwent a heart surgery, which slowed down his client’s procedures. 

Held in U.S. custody, the former football boss lives in Brooklyn and he is only allowed to go to the gym in the same building he lives.

Burga’s name came up in the investigation process in November last year, when the U.S. Department of Justice indicted 16 suspects, including some of the highest-ranking and former officials, in the FIFA corruption case.

Some of the noteworthy indictments at that time included the heads of Conmebol and Concacaf —who were detained in Switzerland in the corruption case that has rocked the world soccer organization since May last year.


Published: 12/28/2016
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