Peru Foreign Trade-Tourism Min: Domestic tourism recovery a priority

09:43 | Lima, Jun. 29.

Peru's economic reopening is underway, but it must be an orderly process. Roads in good conditions will allow the reactivation of production sectors, including tourism, Foreign Trade, and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez affirmed on Monday.

According to the minister, his sector, through the Arranca Peru (Get off the ground, Peru) program, will work on neighborhood networks run by municipalities in order to improve these roads and thus enhance the potential for recovery and further growth of foreign trade

"We want to go gradually, in an orderly manner, with a tourism recovery process that, in the remainder of the year, will first be focused on a recovery of domestic activities. At first it will be difficult, due to the situation we are going through," he said in an interview with El Peruano official gazette.

The government official believes that levels of confidence, in relation to the movement of people, will be gradually restored, and noted that the start of phase 3 of the reopening in July does not mean a full recovery of tourism.

Recent studies show that people are not yet thinking about traveling for pleasure. In fact, Peruvians' main motivations to move across the country are the return to their places of residence or origin either because they have lost their job or for business purposes.

Additionally, Vasquez affirmed that travel demand will increase as economic activities resume, and that tourism will become a third motivation, as health control and trust are restored among the population.

On the other hand, he explained that all road construction and maintenance-related projects will definitely have an impact on foreign trade. 


Published: 6/29/2020
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