Peru Fin Min: Gov't is taking action to spur GDP

Jefe del Gabinete, Fernando Zavala.

Jefe del Gabinete, Fernando Zavala.

13:20 | Lima, Jul. 6.

The Peruvian Government is adopting a series of measures to reactivate GDP, Economy and Finance Minister Fernando Zavala affirmed on Thursday.

"We are convinced that economic growth is important, and that we need it to be higher than what we see today, so we are implementing a set of measures," the government official said. 

Speaking at the awarding ceremony of the Amazon Waterway project, Zavala explained said actions are mainly geared towards speeding up public spending and promoting private investment as an economic growth engine.

"This [Amazon Waterway awarding] is an example of many other processes to come in the next months, pointing to the relevant role of private participation," the also Prime Minister said. 

To conclude, the Finance Head anticipated initiatives coming in the remainder of the year and in 2018, such as Salaverry Port, a stretch of Longitudinal de la Sierra (Highlands Longitudinal) Highway, and ten other projects.


Published: 7/6/2017
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