Peru exports to Australia exceed US$240 million in 2017

13:55 | Lima, Feb. 13.

Peruvian exports to Australia totaled US$240.178 million last year, driven by the positive performance of traditional shipments, Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) reported Tuesday.

According to PromPeru, traditional exports to the Oceania country amounted to US$189.627 million in 2017, whereas non-traditional shipments reached US$50.551 million.

Sales of traditional and non-traditional products to Australia accounted for 79% and 21%, respectively, of Peru's total exports to said nation. 

In this sense, non-traditional shipments expanded 3.89% compared to 2016, while traditional exports decreased 10.11%.

It must be noted the value of Peruvian shipments to Australia slid 7.49% going from US$259.613 million in 2016 to US$240.178 million in 2017.

The sectors whose exports rose substantially included metal-mechanic (+302.72%), chemical (+5.77%), fishery (160.18 %), wood-paper (+4.48%), and iron-steel (+73.37%).

As is known, the governments of Peru and Australia have recently inked a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as a result of a negotiation process that took place in recent months.


Published: 2/13/2018