Peru: Deals exceeded projections at Asia Fruit Logistica fair

Asia Fruit Logistica

Asia Fruit Logistica

09:23 | Lima, Sep. 12.

The Peruvian delegation's participation at Asia Fruit Logistica came to an end successfully, reaching US$162 million in sale commitments for the next twelve-month period, Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) informed Wednesday.

This number is 18% higher than the previously-projected figure.

The fair —which specializes in fresh fruits and vegetables— took place in Hong Kong (China) on September 5-7. It gathered over 13,000 buyers from 76 countries, mainly from China, South Korea, Singapore, India, and Japan. 

At the event, attendees could appreciate the goods sold by more than 800 companies from 43 countries. 

Peru —relying on a delegation of 150 entrepreneurs— made nearly 600 contacts.

Within this framework, the most demanded Inca products were avocados, grapes, blueberries, and mangoes. Other items such as ginger, sweet granadillas, and cherimoya also stood out. 

It should be noted Indian buyers showed a particular interest in acquiring and positioning Peruvian avocados in their country. 

Peru's Trade Offices (Ocex) based in Asian countries supported the Inca participation at this event.


Published: 9/12/2018
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