Peru: Culture, Foreign Affairs Ministries inaugurate repatriated cultural objects exhibit

09:40 | Lima, Jul. 18.

The Peruvian Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs have inaugurated an exhibition of repatriated cultural goods known as "From Creation to the Flood. Hualahoyo's Paintings," which include seven illustrations recovered from the United States and Chile.

These works of art had been taken from Virgen del Rosario Chapel located in Huancayo Province (Junin region). 

Two of the paintings were given back voluntarily by an American citizen. A third one was being auctioned in the United States. The fourth was recovered from a hotel in Cusco region in 2017. 

Likewise, the other three pictures were seized and returned by Chilean customs authorities based in Arica in 2000. 

Peruvian Culture Minister Luis Jaime Castillo noted the joint efforts undertaken with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, as well as the national and international institutions committed to the protection of cultural heritage

Furthermore, the official indicated Peru is internationally recognized as a country that is committed and very active concerning the recovery of cultural and archaeological heritage. Plus, it is characterized by its goal to fight the illegal trade of cultural goods. 

He went on to add it is necessary to keep a registry of the Inca nation's cultural artifacts, as it is a country with invaluable and immense heritage. 

It must be noted the paintings depict the evangelization process that took place during the colonial era. 


Published: 7/18/2019