Peru condemns acts of violence in Ecuador

09:31 | Lima, Oct. 13.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Gustavo Meza-Cuadra affirmed that the Inca country "strongly" condemns the recent acts of violence in Ecuador.

President Lenin Moreno has decreed a curfew and military control in Quito. What is Peru's standpoint on the matter?

The Government of Peru strongly condemns the acts of violence that have recently taken place in Ecuador and calls on all sectors to engage in dialogue as soon as possible, which is the only legitimate way to resolve the differences and demands that have dominated the protests.

We reiterate our support for the measures taken by President Lenin Moreno to protect democracy and the rule of law in his country. In addition, we reject any attempt to destabilize the democratic process in such nation.

How will Peru react if the situation worsens?

We are in permanent dialogue with Ecuadorian authorities and with governments in the region to monitor the situation closely.

We hope that dialogue between the Government and indigenous organizations engaged in demonstrations will lead to agreements on restoring peace for the benefit of the people.


Published: 10/13/2019
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