Peru climbed two positions in food security

Foto: Difusión

Foto: Difusión

15:36 | Lima, Feb. 20.

Peru moved up two positions on the Global Food Security Index GFSI-2017, thus ranking 53rd out of 113 countries, Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) informed Tuesday.

The Global Food Security Index provides a worldwide perspective on which countries are most and least vulnerable to food insecurity —based on 28 indicators.

The overall score for the GFSI —on a range of 0-100— is calculated from a simple weighted average of three categories: affordability, availability, quality & safety.


At regional level, Peru holds the 8th position. Chile tops the list, followed by Uruguay, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Argentina.

In this regard, Peru stood out in food quality & safety (46th), followed by affordability (54th), and availability (57th).

The country's core strengths in food security include nutritional standards (100 points), low agricultural import tariffs (97.1), low volatility of agricultural production (96), and progress in the proportion of population under the global poverty line (90.2).

Nevertheless, Peru's main challenge remains the critically-low public expenditure on agricultural research and development (R&D).

Said study was conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit.


Published: 2/20/2018