Peru: Canadian's alleged murderers under preliminary detention

19:12 | Lima, Apr. 23.

The two suspects involved in the murder of Canadian Sebastian Paul Woodroffe —the man who was lynched in rainforest Ucayali region last week— were placed under preliminary detention following a decision of Peru's Judicial Branch.

The decision was confirmed by Ricardo Palma Jimenez, the head of a group of prosecutors in Ucayali, who requested the detention of both suspects after watching a video circulating on social media.

"We have conducted the necessary investigations and identified the two persons who are seen in the video dragging the Canadian citizen. They are Jose Ramirez Rodriguez and Nicolas Mori Guimaraes," he told RPP radio and TV news station.

In addition, he underlined the Peruvian National Police (PNP) is carrying out inquiries to determine the motive for the lynching, as well as find and apprehend the perpetrators.

"We are working meticulously on this case, (…) we are not going to allow this type of crimes to go unpunished in Ucayali," he expressed.

According to Jimenez, those people responsible for Woodroffe's death accused him of killing Shipibo-Konibo community leader Olivia Arevalo.

"We continue investigating to confirm or dismiss this version. This is our second day of investigation, and we have already captured some suspects," he pointed out.

Likewise, the prosecutor underlined the Canadian's burial place was found thanks to the PNP's support.

The autopsy of his body showed Woodroffe died by strangulation after receiving several blows across his body.


Published: 4/23/2018
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