Peru: Camisea pays US$384 million in royalties

Camisea Petroleo Hidrocarburos Pozo

Camisea Petroleo Hidrocarburos Pozo

16:30 | Lima, Aug. 13.

Peru's Camisea Consortium announced Wednesday that royalty payments to Peruvian State from natural gas operations amounted to US$384 million in the period from January to July 2015.

The result means an increase taking into account the enterprise paid US$330.3 million last June.

These resources are distributed according to the current Canon Law, corresponding to the regional government of Cusco and Municipal governments about 50 percent of the amount; that is, US$ 26.85 million in July.

Since the project was started in 2004, Peru-based consortium Camisea has paid the Peruvian government US$7.626 billion in royalties.

The Camisea fields, located in the southern region of Cusco, hold some of Latin America's largest natural gas reserves.


Published: 8/13/2015