Peru: Cabinet optimistic about reaching understanding with Congress

10:45 | Lima, Apr. 19.

The Ministerial Cabinet feels optimistic about reaching an understanding with Congress a few weeks before its presentation at Parliament for a confidence vote, Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva affirmed.

Villanueva stressed the willingness of legislators from different parties, with whom he met in recent days to build a mature relationship between the Executive and Legislative Branches.

"The initial approaches are encouraging, and we have perceived political parties' strong willingness. We are always optimistic that we can get along with Congress," he said at a press conference after a Council of Ministers session.

According to the Prime Minister, the day scheduled for the presentation (May 2) is emblematic as it commemorates the so-called Dos de Mayo Combat, a day in which the entire nation came together to fight in the Pacific War.

In this respect, the Cabinet's chief assured his presence and that of State ministers in Congress will not lead to a war, although they will use dialogue as a 'weapon.'

He went on to add they have almost finished outlining their request for special powers to legislate on matters related to the Reconstruction with Changes process aimed at rebuilding areas hit by Coastal El Niño phenomenon in early 2017.

"The money is there, and people are waiting for their problems to be resolved," he concluded.


Published: 4/19/2018
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