Peru Air Force provides airlift for Piura, Chiclayo and Trujillo victims

La Fuerza Aérea del Perú (FAP) inició hoy el puente aéreo entre Piura, Chiclayo y Trujillo para atender a la población damnificada por las torrenciales lluvias que han provocado desbordes de ríos, inundaciones y huaicos, entre otros desastres que han incomunicado a estas regiones por vía terrestre.

14:03 | Piura (Piura region), Mar. 16.

Peru's Air Force (FAP) has started an airlift to connect northern cities Piura, Chiclayo and Trujillo, thus assisting victims of torrential rains, river overflowing, flooding and landslides in isolated overland regions.

A Spartan aircraft arrived in Piura early on Thursday with tons of humanitarian help for people in towns ravaged by the onslaughts of nature.

On the matter, Piura's Governor Reynaldo Hilbck said aid will be delivered to human settlement El Indio, in Castilla district, which was severely affected by heavy rains.

"This is not the only assistance Piura will receive; we have identified other affected locations like Primavera, Tambo Grande, Sullana and other isolated areas in different provinces," he emphasized.

The first bunch of people will be airlifted from Piura's Air Group No 7 Base to Trujillo in a FAP airplane. Two flights are scheduled per day.

On Wednesday, Armed Forces and National Police members were instructed to remain in their assigned zones to guarantee their support in all rain- and flood-affected areas.

"The measure secures immediate support in zones where disaster is evident and where people require urgent assistance," Prime Minister Fernando Zavala pointed out.

According to National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), Armed Forces members have carried 240 inhabitants from Lambayeque region to a temporary shelter. They were rescued from river overflowing and heavy rains. 

Likewise, 33 minors and 10 adults were rescued from a children's home threatened by rainfall-caused floods in La Libertad region. They are now in safe hands at Ramon Castilla School facilities. 


Published: 3/16/2017