Peru: 1,214 ha of coca eradicated in 11 days

20:01 | San Martin (San Martin region), Feb. 13.

Peruvian Interior Ministry's Special Project for Control and Reduction of Illegal Crops in Alto Huallaga (CORAH) eradicated 1,214 hectares of coca crops in Ucayali, San Martin, and Pasco regions.

Anti-drug operations were conducted on February 1-11 within the framework of the 2018 Annual Plan for the Reduction of the Illegal Coca Growing Area.

CORAH agents eradicated 558.14 ha in Santa Lucia-Tocache (San Martin), 577.88 ha in Ciudad de Constitucion (Pasco), and 78.93 ha in Aguaytia (Ucayali).

Likewise, five cocaine laboratories were destroyed by the Peruvian National Police (PNP), which supports CORAH efforts.

Also, stings eradicated 506 square meters of seedlings, thus avoiding the sowing of 33.73 ha of illegal coca and the deforestation of 101.20 ha of Amazon rainforest.

These operations are supported by the National Anti-Drug Agency (Dirandro) and the Police Aviation Department.


Published: 2/13/2018