OECD launches Lima-based Regional Centre for Competition in Latin America

18:19 | Lima, Nov. 20.

The OECD Regional Centre for Competition in Latin America has been established in Lima with an official launch event attended by senior government officials and representatives of the international organization.

The OECD Council designated Peru as the headquarters of the OECD Regional Centre for Competition in Latin America. This decision followed the approval of the OECD Competition Committee, which received Peru's formal application —through the State-run National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi)— to host the center.

The OECD Regional Centre for Competition in Latin America is a joint venture between Indecopi and the OECD.

Thus, Peru joins two other countries in hosting regional centers for competition: South Korea and Hungary, which focus on Asia and Eastern Europe, respectively.

The Latin American RCC will provide training to competition officials throughout Latin America on enforcement of competition law and on competition advocacy. 

In addition, the RCC will offer an opportunity for competition officials to exchange experiences and strengthen their ability to implement international best practices.

In this sense, its activities will be focused on providing competition authorities with the chance to:

-Update their staff's skills in order to apply competition laws effectively.
-Share experiences in competition enforcement and advocacy.
-Learn about new competition issues and analytical methods for competition enforcement.
-Establish professional contacts with officials from other countries to facilitate international co-operation between agencies in the enforcement of competition laws.


Published: 11/20/2019
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