NYT: Peru Sacred Valley among 52 top destinations in 2017

The New York Times y su lista de 52 lugares para visitar en el 2017

The New York Times y su lista de 52 lugares para visitar en el 2017

13:15 | New York (US), Jan. 5.

Cusco region's ancient Sacred Valley was included in The New York Times' prestigious "52 Places to Go in 2017" edition.

Located in the South Andean region's Urubamba Valley, the destination is one of the only-three South American landmarks to have been included in this year's list, usually setting the trend in the travel industry.

The article is joined by an image underlining Maras Salt Mines, located 40 kilometers north of Cusco city. Said area has become well known, given its salt evaporation ponds dating back to ancient Inca times. 

New York Times (NYT)

"Celebrating food culture in Inca country," reads the header by NYT writer Nicholas Gill, who introduces readers to the tourist destination.

In this sense, Gill highlights the area's culinary and tourism pillars. "A growing brewery and other food-themed projects are raising the culinary cred in the Inca heartland," he says.

Along the Urubamba River, the luxe ecohotelier Explora has built a 50-room lodge on an old maize plantation: Hacienda Urubamba that offers lessons in making maize. Likewise, Lima's restaurant IK opened the gastro inn IFK Lodge.

"And starting in May, a sleeper train, the Andean Explorer, will explore the altiplano with seasonal highland fare in two dining cars, and a grand piano in the bar," he concludes.

The article becomes an amazing contribution to Peru's tourism promotion movement thanks to the considerable number of NYT readers around the world.


Published: 1/5/2017
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