Moody's: Peru better positioned to face global headwinds



15:15 | New York, Sep. 08.

Peru is one of three countries, which are better positioned to face global headwinds, Moody's Managing Director of Corporate Finance Paloma San Valentin affirmed.

"In general, Mexico, Chile and Peru are better positioned to face the global headwinds, given their modestly improving economies," she underlined.

Brazil & Argentina

"But in Brazil we foresee weak credit conditions for issuers across the board, as the country navigates through poor economic performance and political challenges," San Valentin expressed.

"and in Argentina, the credit environment remains negative," she added.

Thus, Moody's expects "business and investor confidence to remain an important factor across the region."


Among factors for headwinds are "renewed expectations for muted global economic growth", China's gradual slowdown, US monetary policy tightening and feeble economic conditions in Europe.

"The effects will vary by country [...]," San Valentin forecasted.

Moody's says that "financial institutions and structured finance are the least directly exposed to external market conditions, although some domestic markets pose increasing challenges."


Published: 9/8/2015