Lima 2019: Peruvian cuisine to generate US$75 million in revenues

14:42 | Lima, Jun. 18.

Peru will become a major tourist destination as the host of Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games, which is expected to have a positive impact on its economy, mainly in the gastronomic field.

Therefore, the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) estimates Peruvian gastronomy will generate an economic impact of up to US$75 million because of over 50,000 foreign visitors to the Andean nation. 

"This figure was calculated based on the US$250 million set to be raised from the event, where Peruvian food-related sales are estimated to make up 30% of the total," said Jorge Penny, head of CCL's Gastronomy Department. 


He explained the arrival of athletes, delegations, relatives, fans, and locals attending this major event will contribute to such an economic impact, thus boosting revenues at creole and fusion food restaurants —mainly at Chinese-Peruvian restaurants, known as chifas.

Even though it is hard to predict how the sector will grow in the current year, culinary activities are expected to boost it considerably this time by outpacing the annual 3.5% growth rate recorded in 2018.

Average tourist spending

According to current figures, he said, an average tourist visiting Peru spends between US$50 and US$100 per day on food.

In fact, the said amount might increase up to 20% to US$120 per day.

Informal businesses

On the other hand, Penny said informal businesses are very likely to take advantage of this multi-sport event. 

Therefore, he urged municipal authorities to make sure their food is prepared in healthy conditions.


Published: 6/18/2019