Kiss brings party atmosphere to Peruvian capital

11:53 | Lima, May. 5.

Lima was privileged to be part of the elite group of cities that have been saying goodbye to the U.S.-based rock band Kiss after it hosted an unforgettable concert last Wednesday, May 4.

The gig took place in front of the beach at Arena 1, located in Lima's San Miguel district —what better way to close a cycle.

During the concert, the Kiss Army —the band's official fan club— showed that Kiss has strong and deep roots in Lima.

Peruvian fans were mesmerized by a compilation of the greatest hits of 20 studio albums.

Every member of the band demonstrated their virtuosity with incredible solos, which make us believe that it will take many years for other rock stars like Kiss to come.

It should be pointed out that Kiss played its last-ever concert in Peru last night as part of a farewell tour after 50 years in the business.


Published: 5/5/2022
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