Get to know Peruvian regions leading social progress

11:09 | Lima, Apr. 18.

Moquegua, Ica, and Tacna regions, as well as Lima Metropolitan Area, lead Peru's Regional Social Progress Index 2017, crafted by Centrum Catolica in partnership with Social Progress Imperative.

According to the study, these four regions are rated as “medium-high” level due to their passing scores.

In this sense, Moquegua tops the ranking with 67.47 points —out of 100— followed by Lima Metropolitan Area (65.63 points), Ica (65.46), and Tacna (65.30).

"Lima Metropolitan Area, where most of the economic activity is concentrated, does not reach the high level in social progress, thus ranking second, after Moquegua," the report reads.

"Following an economic growth period of about 13 years, Peru has missed a great opportunity to direct the highest revenues to the benefit and improvement of citizens' quality of life," Centrum Catolica noted.

Middle and low levels

The report also indicated no region has managed to reach high levels of social progress, but there are currently 18 regions with medium-low levels (55.09 - 63.71) and four regions with low levels (40.46 - 54.05).

The group with the medium-low quality of life are Arequipa (63.71), Lima Province (62.45), Callao (61.56), La Libertad (61.38), Ancash (60.91), Lambayeque (59.82), Tumbes (59.38), Apurimac (58.68), and Huancavelica (58.62).

This list also includes Piura (58.40), Ayacucho (58.25), San Martin (58.06), Puno (57.45), Junin (57.44), Cusco (57.29), Cajamarca (55.53), Amazonas (55.22), and Huanuco (55.09).

Moreover, the regions that make up the group with low quality of life are Madre de Dios (54.05), Pasco (53.80), Ucayali (52.09), and Loreto (50.46).

The results of the study also showed that regions with the greatest social progress are located on the coast of the Inca country.

It must be noted indicators are not favorable in the highlands, and the lowest levels of welfare are found in the jungle.


Published: 4/18/2018
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