Get to know Peru's top-ranked athletes

14:09 | Lima, Feb. 6.

Alexandra Grande, Linda Lecca, Ian Escuza and Diego Elias are top Peruvian athletes who practice different sports but share the same goal: to claim top world ranking in karate, boxing, Muay Thai, and squash.

Alexandra Grande

Considered the best Peruvian karateka, Grande is going through a great moment right now.

According to the World Karate Federation's (WKF) ranking, the national sportswoman grabbed the sixth spot in the female Kumite's 61 kg category.

She surpassed Canadian Haya Jumaa (7th) and Ecuadorian Jacquelin Factos (10th), thus becoming the best karateka in the Pan American area.

Diego Elias

According to the World Squash Federation, Elias is 10th in the ranking

This achievement is the result of his hard work in 2017.

As is known, Elias joined the PSA World Tour in 2013 and became the first Peruvian in history to win a PSA World Tour title (professional squash circuit). 

Linda Lecca

Lecca is a national female boxer who won the World Boxing Association (WBA) super flyweight title.

She has retained her title since 2014, claiming five victories.

Her last fight was against Mexican Karina "La Bella" Fernandez in Peru's northern Trujillo city last August. 

Ian Escuza

The 21-year-old athlete won the International Federation Muaythai Amateur's (IFMA) world championship title in 2017. 

Such achievement makes him the world's best in the 67 kg category. 


Published: 2/6/2018