Former Peru soccer boss likely to be extradited to U.S.

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

11:41 | Lima, Nov. 13.

Former chief of Peruvian Soccer Federation (FPF) Manuel Burga might be extradited to the United States and put to jail there, FPF Justice Commission Ex-President Jose Luis Noriega said on Wednesday.

The lawyer claimed the United States is awaiting the evidence of bribery against the former Peru soccer boss, found by FIFA.

After being disqualified —forever— from any leadership post in the field of soccer by the Resolution Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee, Burga is expected to face a trial in the United States since the bribery evidence found by the world's soccer governing body is conclusive.

"FIFA has found evidence of bribes involving Burga. New evidence seems to have come to light and would be made available to U.S. justice, which may resume the investigation," the lawyer told local newspaper El Popular.

Another complicated issue for Burga Seoane is that the Judiciary in Peru could seize his assets valued at 1 million Swiss francs (around US$1 million) —the amount he has to pay as compensation to FIFA.

"This is a judicial mandate that will be issued in due course, and the Judicial Branch is able to seize Burga's assets if he does not make the payment," he stated.

FIFA remarked that the former Peruvian soccer chief is involved in a bribery case over TV and marketing rights to Conmebol competitions.


Published: 11/13/2019
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