Foreign military delegations marched in Peru’s patriotic parade

Chilean delegation marched in Peru

Chilean delegation marched in Peru's military parade. Photo: ANDINA

14:56 | Lima, Jul. 29.

Invited detachments of foreign troops took part in the Peruvian military parade held in Lima as part of the celebrations marking the country's Independence anniversary.

Foreign delegations from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, France and Mexico marched down the famous Brazil avenue to the music played by central bands of Peru's Army, Navy, Air Force and National Police.

It is worth mentioning that French and Mexican delegations opened the great parade in their first year of participation along with the above-mentioned troops.

The French one is of particular interest since, according to history, a European country mission led by Captain Paul Clement came to Peru in late 1896 to lay the foundation of the new Peruvian Army. 

On the other hand, the Brazilian military delegation comprises members of the Amazon Military Command, the Seventh Regional Air Command and Brazilian Navy Special Operations Battalion based in Manaus, Amazonas. 

In addition, Peru's southern neighbor Chile was represented by delegations of Bernardo O'Higgins Military School, Arturo Prat Naval Academy and the Chilean Air Force’s Aviation School Capitan Manuel Avalos Prado.

Finally, but not less important, troops of Ecuador’s Eloy Alfaro Military School lined the parade route for the joy of thousands of spectators along Brazil avenue.


Published: 7/29/2014