Foreign Affairs Ministers reunited in Peru for Venezuela

ANDINA/Oscar Farje

11:18 | Lima, Aug. 8.

A meeting to propose a solution to the Venezuelan crisis kicked off this morning at Torre Tagle Palace in Lima, Peru.

The Peruvian Government had called this meeting by end-July, and it currently counts with the presence of Foreign Affairs Ministers from the Americas.

Some participants represent countries: Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Costa Rica, among others.

The Inca nation had convened this meeting as a result of the illegitimate Constituent Assembly election ordered by President Nicolas Maduro. The recently sworn-in assembly aims to redraft the Bolivarian country's constitution.

According to Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Luna, the Venezuelan crisis is "not about a bilateral problem" but a regional one.

Luna hopes the meeting will serve to shape a consolidated group to track the neighboring country's situation, thus insisting on a solution to the crisis.

As a result of the event, he also expects to issue a joint resolution on the constitutional order in Venezuela and the rejection of the new Constituent Assembly.


Published: 8/8/2017
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