Credit to Peru's private sector grows 14.7% on year in November

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

12:50 | Lima, Dec. 21 (ANDINA).

Total credit of depository institutions to the private sector in Peru increased 1.9 percent in November 2013 (S/. 3.52 billion), accumulating a growth rate of 14.7 percent compared to November last year, the Central Reserve Bank said Saturday.

Credit to the private sector refers to the financial resources provided to businesses and households through mechanisms such as loans and purchases of fixed income securities.

It includes the total of loans provided by financial depository institutions, including commercial banks, Banco de la Nación, financial companies, municipal savings and credit banks, rural savings and credit banks, and savings and credit unions.
Credit in soles grew 2.7 percent in November (S/. 3.03 billion) and 23.1 percent in the last twelve months (21.7 percent in October).

On the other hand, credit in dollars grew 0.7 percent (US$ 191 million) and 3.5 percent in the last 12 months (3.6 percent in October).

Credit to the private sector continued showing a rising trend in November, especially in the segment of corporate loans, the central bank said in its weekly report.

Credit to businesses grew 2.2 percent in November (1.4 percent in October), while credit to households grew 1.3 percent (1.1 percent in October).

Moreover, within the segment of credit to individuals, consumer loans registered a monthly growth rate of 1.1 percent in November (1.2 percent in October), while mortgage loans showed a monthly growth rate
of 1.6 percent (1.1 percent in October).


Published: 12/21/2013
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