Corporate tourism in Peru to top US$300mn in revenues this year

Photo: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

Photo: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

10:58 | Lima, Apr. 21.

International business events in Peru are set to generate revenues worth US$ 300 million as the sector is displaying a booming growth, the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) has announced
Carlos Canales, Canatur’s head, the ongoing increase of the Peruvian corporate tourism is driven by the expansion of the economy which is drawing more foreign investment into the Andean nation.

“The average daily expenditure of a corporate traveler during a six-day stay stands at US$ 540, while a conventional tourist spends an average of US$ 1.200 during an eleven-day stay,” he told Andina news agency.

Furthermore, Canales noted corporate tourists generate more revenues and economic development for the country due to they often travel accompanied and visit inner regions in addition of the nation’s capital Lima.

“Six of each ten tourists come with a partner and go souvenir shopping, taste the Peruvian cuisine and look for a short post-tour. Hence, the average spending by this visitor amounts to a whopping US$ 4.000 during a six-day trip," he noted.

Likewise, the tourist official pointed out corporate social gatherings and dealings taking place in Peru are expected to experience a three-fold increase over the next three years, thus recording 300,000 visitors yearly.


Published: 4/21/2014
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