COP25: Peru to speed up reduction of greenhouse effect gases

12:39 | Madrid (Spain), Dec. 9.

Peru reaffirmed its willingness to take concrete action on the fight against climate change and secure the well-being of its population, Environment Minister Fabiola Muñoz affirmed on Monday.

Therefore, she said, the South American country has set the goal of cutting greenhouse effect gas emissions by 35% before 2030, in cooperation with the private sector.

Her remarks were made as she spoke during the NDC Partnership's Annual Members Forum, held within the framework of the 25th UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in the Spanish capital city of Madrid.

With 160+ members, the NDC Partnership is open to countries and organizations that are committed to ambitious implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

In this respect, the minister explained that even though Peru's objective is to reduce emissions by 30%, the participatory, decentralized, and inclusive process —entitled "Let's talk"— is being enhanced to reach more ambitious climate goals.

"We need to keep working together and secure the achievements we reached, such as the enhancement of standing forests, the openness of markets for non-timber forest products, as well as the work with indigenous peoples, women and the youth," the cabinet member noted.

"Peru has been provided a unique opportunity for sustainable development, in which the initiative of subnational actors, such as regional governments and private companies, is essential," Muñoz pointed out.

"We have a National Infrastructure Plan for Competitiveness that promotes green infrastructure as well as the National Competitiveness and Productivity Plan (PNCP) that promotes economic activities with key climate management instruments for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC)," she added.


Published: 12/9/2019
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