Colombian investments in Peru seen rising to US$9.6bn

Business forum

Business forum 'Peru and Colombia, projections under the Pacific Alliance'. Photo: ANDINA/Juan Carlos Guzmán Negrini.

14:39 | Lima, Feb. 27.

Investments of Colombian companies in Peru are valued at as much as US$ 8 billion and this year they are expected to climb 20% to US$ 9.6 billion, Colombia's Business Council (CEC) has said.
Carlos Caro, CEC's President, stated that about 300 companies from the neighboring nation are currently headquartered and operating in Peru engaged in core sectors ranging from electricity and gas supply, to road infrastructure and good and services.

"Several Colombian firms has expressed interest in investing in Peru, mainly in sectors such as oil, electricity and in power transmission line construction," he said in his remarks at a business forum which took place in Lima.

At the conference titled 'Peru and Colombia, projections under the Pacific Alliance', CEC's top official commended the booming tourism industry in the Andean nation by resulting highly attractive for leading foreign investors in the region.

In this regard, Caro noted that two largest Colombia-based international hotel companies are seeking access to the Peruvian hospitality sector, which add to other major firms currently active in the country such as Estelar, Decameron and Sonesta.

He underlined the CEC groups together a total of 63 Colombian businesses, while the private entity is set to record 100 companies registered by 2014-end.

Some of Colombia-based companies operating in Peru are Contugas, Cálidda, Juan Valdez, Divercity, Bodytech, Ecopetrol and Electric Interconnection ISA.


Published: 2/27/2014
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