CCL: Peruvian exports totaled US$3.651 billion in March, up 32.5%

18:05 | Lima, Apr. 29.

The Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) on Thursday reported that Peruvian exports amounted to US$3.651 billion in March 2021, according to preliminary figures, which represented a 32.5 growth compared to the same period in 2020.

CCL's Foreign Trade Research and Development Institute (Idexcam) reported that 8 out of the 10 major destinations showed a positive growth compared to March last year. They include China, South Korea, Canada, Japan, India, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Spain.

The largest export amount was US$1.087 billion, in sales to China, which cemented its position as the top destination for Peruvian exports in the world, after posting a 36.88% growth over the third month in 2020.

In addition to China, other major destinations include the United States (with exports valued at US$370 million, down 2.64%), South Korea (US$210 million, up 11.72%), Canada (US$205 million, up 89.91%), Japan (US$195 million, up 16.37%), India (US$160 million, up 554.11%), Netherlands (US$144 million, up 26.55%), Switzerland (US$124 million, up 63.76%), Chile (US$90 million, down 12.13%), and Spain (US$88 million, up 29.75%).

Peru's main products

Copper ores are among the 10 most exported product lines, whose shipments amounted to US$814 million, showing an increase of 5.80% compared to March last year.

Additionally, gold exports totaled US$538 million (up 41.58%), followed by sales of fishmeal valued at US$186 million (up 226.87%), refined copper cathodes valued at US$175 million (up 270.43%), and iron minerals valued at US$133 million (up 62.95%).

These were the five most exported products in the traditional macro sector in March 2021.

Other products included silver ores (US$82 million, up 155.71%), fresh avocados (US$78 million, up 46.97%), liquefied natural gas (US$66 million, up 78.71%), non-alloy tin (US$53 million, up 62.81%), and fresh mangoes (US$51 million, up 4.83%).


Published: 4/29/2021
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