Caral surprises the world for advanced knowledge and technology

Aerial view of Caral. Photo:ANDINA

Aerial view of Caral. Photo:ANDINA

09:33 | Lima, Jan. 12.

The global scientific community is still surprised by the advanced knowledge ancient Peruvian civilization of Caral had gained of agronomy, climatology, engineering, medicine and other sciences 5,000 years ago, researcher Ruth Shady pointed out.

Laboratories were set up to draw up agricultural schedules and forecast climate events —she said— which allowed them to determine the beginning and end of planting and harvesting seasons, as well as the changes in nature to adjust to them.

“As for energy exploitation and fluid mechanics, Caral took advantage of the wind, now known as the Venturi Effect, by channeling it through underground ducts in order to achieve high temperatures through bonfires,” she noted.

As U.S. physicians assessed the knowledge, they wondered how this civilization had come to know it 5,000 years ago, since such discovery was first made in 1740. 

"As for pharmacology, we found that Caral inhabitants used willow —containing the active chemical ingredient of aspirin— to relieve pain such as headaches."

Another highlight was the civil engineering, which continues to amaze, since scientists applied the seismic resistance technology to the over-5000 year old constructions.


Published: 1/12/2016
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