581 Peruvians deported from U.S. in 2018

16:37 | Lima, Jan. 10.

581 Peruvian migrants were deported from the United States throughout 2018, thus increasing 26.86% compared to the number registered in 2017 (458), Andean Parliament member Mario Zuñiga has informed.

Ecuador leads the regional ranking (1,264 deported individuals), followed by Colombia (1,162), while Bolivia takes the fourth position (81). 

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration expelled a total of 256,085 immigrants last year.

It should be noted the majority of deported people were Mexicans (141,045), followed by Guatemalans (50,390), and Hondurans (28,894)

"Good migrants do not deserve to be expelled from any country. The ones who commit crimes, without any doubts, must be expelled from the nation that opened its doors to them. For instance, I have supported Venezuelan migration to Peru, but I also believe that if they commit crimes, they won't be worthy of staying here," he concluded.


Published: 1/10/2019