President of Peru: Let us not waste time on fruitless discussions

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

13:35 | Lima, May. 16.

Let us not waste time on fruitless discussions, the President of the Republic Pedro Castillo said on Monday, after calling for joint action in protecting the environment and the well-being of the population, issues he regards as a priority.

During the prize-giving ceremony for the Antonio Brack Egg National Environmental Award - Bicentennial Edition, the Head of State remarked that his mission is to make Peru a viable and prosperous country.

"That is the right way to go and I hope we make it a reality together. We will continue to work until the last day in the role we have been entrusted to serve," he stated.

Under this premise, Mr. Castillo affirmed that protecting nature and biodiversity is an environment-related obligation and responsibility on the part of the Government.

"We are taking numerous actions to preserve the environment and fight against pollution and there will be no step back in this regard," he emphasized.

The top dignitary also underscored that the country also faces an urgent and complex challenge such as climate change and global warming. 

In this regard, he noted that efforts must be redoubled to face the overexploitation of resources, environmental degradation, water shortage, and natural disasters.

In the face of this, he said, the Government has adopted an efficient risk management among its pillars, and has signed an official declaration that commits it to strengthen, for example, the fight against plastic pollution and actions to limit global warming.


Published: 5/16/2022
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