Peru: Schoolgirls who will go to NASA's Space Center Houston receive recognition



11:00 | Lima, May. 20.

The 11 schoolgirls from Lima selected by the She Is Astronaut program, who will visit NASA's Space Center Houston, have received recognition by Metropolitan Lima's Regional Office of Education (DRELM) and the Ministry of Education (Minedu).

The students, who were chosen by the She Is Foundation to become the first crew of girls to visit a NASA research center, have become the highest representatives of their schools nationwide. 

In total, 14 girls have been selected to travel to NASA's Space Center Houston, three of them are from Arequipa and Cusco.

In a ceremony on Thursday afternoon, Education Minister Rosendo Serna and Metropolitan Lima's Regional Education Director Luis Alberto Quintanilla awarded a certificate of recognition to the 11 schoolgirls.

Their names are Alessia Paredes (15), Valeria Martinez (15), Kayla Zevallos (15), Sophia Barboza (13), Zoila Cueva (15), Cielo Espinoza (15), Niurka Leiva (15), Gabriela Quispe (14), Andrea Huaranga (15), Mitca Arellano (15), and Jimena Teran (11).

They attend schools in the districts of San Martin de Porres, Los Olivos, La Victoria, Puente Piedra, San Juan de Lurigancho, Chaclacayo, Ate, and Miraflores.

On behalf of the students, Kayla Zevallos highlighted the opportunity provided by the She Is Foundation to fulfill a dream that she has in common with the girls of the She Is Astronaut program. 

"We know how difficult it is to be a woman in the world of science. Few of us take on this challenge. I believe in the capacity of women, and I think we do not owe anything to anyone," the schoolgirl remarked.

"Education is the key for more women to become key players in the world of science," she added. 


Publicado: 20/5/2022