U.S. Embassy donates firefighter suits, equipment to Peru

Photo: U.S. Embassy in Peru

Photo: U.S. Embassy in Peru

11:05 | Lima, Feb. 12.

As part of efforts to improve the capabilities of Peruvian firefighters to respond to emergencies, U.S. Embassy Lima Deputy Chief of Mission Denison Offutt presented an important donation of equipment for firefighters of 34 companies in 16 regions of Peru.

The equipment consists of 170 new firefighter suits valued at approximately US$483,000 and was formally received by Peruvian Firefighters Intendent, Senior Brigadier Luis Ponce.

This donation was made through the United States Southern Command Humanitarian Aid Program (HAP). Since 2006, HAP has invested US$45 million in Peru, including the construction of Regional Emergency Centers in 15 regions of Peru, equipment for these centers and personnel training, to strengthen Peru's capacity to provide government services and humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations.

According to Deputy Chief of Mission Denison Offutt, "this donation is the continuation of our cooperation through donations of equipment and material that we have previously delivered to firefighters in 2016 and 2017. The personal protection equipment that we donate today consists of 170 equipments of helmets with visors, fire suits, insulated boots, gloves, and hoods."

He went on to add that "we have come to Peru's aid in emergencies such as El Niño Costero in 2017 and with medical care through four deployments of the USNS Comfort hospital ship, working together with the Government of Peru for the welfare of Peruvian communities. We are sure that these humanitarian assistance activities will continue and will contribute to continue strengthening the strong ties of friendship and cooperation that unite Peru and the United States."

"I would like to congratulate the men and women of Peru's Volunteer Firefighters. For 159 years, they have been serving the community with dedication and courage that is revealed every day. Together we construct the force to be prepared for any emergency," he concluded.

The event took place on Tuesday in the presence of Deputy Minister of Interior for Internal Order Esteban Saavedra, Deputy Minister of Interior for Public Security Victor Raul Rucoba, and Commander of the Peruvian Volunteer Firefighters Brigadier General Larry Lynch.

Editor's note: Based on information provided by the U.S. Embassy in Peru.


Publicado: 12/2/2020